Home Decor

Handcrafted to a limited edition or unique design these pieces of home decor are perfect for adding that little something of the Hebrides to your home 


Crafted from Harris tweed and 100% cotton fabric in either pairs or one-off's  no two are ever the same 


Handcrafted from Harris tweed these lampshades can be bought individually or as a bottle lamp with a variety of whiskey and gin bottles to choose from!

Mug Warmers

Handcrafted from Harris tweed these mug warmers are a fun way to dress up your mug and keep your tea warmer for longer!


Handcrafted from Harris tweed these buttons are perfect for dressing up cushions, coats, cardigans, bags and jumpers 

One off designs...

As every item is handcrafted it affords the oportunity make one-off pieces. These are not part of a range or series so perfect for gettings something truely unique!

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