The Harris Tweed Shawl




Every stage crafted by hand from dying to spinning, warping to weaving ensuring the highest quality 


Sophisticated Style

Fastened with a statement button for multi-option wearing for the perfect drape


Iconic Harris Tweed

100% wool dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides then hand woven on my 80 year old hattersley loom


Warmth and Comfort

Soft handle and gentle drape perfect for summer BBQ's, autumn walks and winter nights cosy by the fire 

Stay warm this winter

(or at all times of the year in the Hebrides!)

Hooded Scarf

Hooded Scarves

A scarf...with a hood! No more drafts between hat and scarf, no more cold ears, lined with faux fur or cotton and fastened with a statement button for perfect cosyness!


Traditional Scarves

Traditional scarves, lined with cotton or satin for a comfortable soft feel, and, as with all my designs, no two are ever the same for a truly unique product

Neck warmer



A stylish accessory perfect for when its chilly but you don't want a bulky scarf: indoors, outdoors, special occasions, work... versatile and comfortable!

Self tie Scarf

Self-tie Scarves

Wider but less bulky than a traditional scarf, more stylish and perfect for wild weather as the self-tie loop means it can't blow away!

Unique Bags and Clothing



Each Harris Tweed bag is made individually as a unique product with no two ever being the same. Perfect for every day or special occasions!


Coats and Cloaks

Unique coats and cloaks crafted from Harris tweed with gorgeous linings and statement buttons. A perfect addition to anywardrobe!

Harris tweed waistcoat and skirt


Handcrafted to your specifications or to a unique design these waistcoats are perfect for weddings, special occasions, nights out or to stand out at work!

Made to measure harris tweed waistcoat and skirt


Dresses, skirts, little girls outfits, tunics and more. Each lovingly crafted by hand with no two ever being the same!

Home Wear

bring a little piece of the Isle of Lewis to your home...

Harris tweed cushion


Each made to be totally unique or as a one-off pair so you can be assured you will be the only one with that design gracing your couch, bed, chair or bench!

Harris tweed lampshade


Crafted from Harris tweed, a good selection is maintained in stock but you can order in your choice of tweed with a range of 4 sizes to choose from!

Harris gin bottle lamp

Bottle Lamps

The finishing touch to any room is the lighting, make your extra special with these bottle lamps and Harris tweed shades. Some are even painted with wildlife and landscapes!


Textile Wall Art

696 knots painstakingly tied by hand to join the old tweed to the new, discarded after each tweed, now turned into unique wall hangings - an original, statement piece for your home!

Sea Shore Jewellery

The finishing touch...

Lewisian gneiss necklace

Lewisian Gneiss

Wear a piece of the Outer Hebrides with these Lewisian Gneiss necklaces and earrings. Crafted from 7 billion year old sea polished stone; timeless, tangible, to treasure!

Mussel Shell Necklace



Hand collected from beaches on the Isle of Lewis these shell necklaces, earrings, brooches and hair pieces are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit!

Sea Glass Necklace



A piece of history worn and shaped by the sea, polished and perfected by nature. Greens, blues, whites and turquoises; tiny pieces of ocean made solid!

Pottery necklace



Fragmented from its original whole, a plate, a bowl, a cup - who knows! But polished by the sea, and set into jewellery the single fragment is more beautiful without its original form!

Original Art


Mini Original 


Framed in wee wooden frames these mini original watercolours are perfect for bringing a wee touch of the Hebrides to your home


Original Watercolours

Larger mounted watercolours ready for framing. Each a unique original study of the wildlife and landscapes of the Outer Hebrides


Painted Feathers

Painstakingly painted on naturally shed goose, duck and bird of prey feathers these original works of art make perfect gifts or treats for yourself!


Handpainted Baubles

Yes these are perfect for the Christmas tree but they are also lovely to have hanging  all year round! A wee touch of the Hebrides for your home

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