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 Textile Wall Art - 'tying-in'

Textile Wall Art - 'tying-in'

After weaving each roll of tweed the new warp must be meticulously hand tied to the old one - 696 knots each tied with the special weavers knot to join the old and new. This join enables the new tweed to be pulled through the 'heddles' - 696 wire frames that hold each thread and control when it is lifted up to create the pattern. Once the new tweed is started this tied section is cut off and discarded by the weavers. However I couldn't face throwing away something so beautiful so I have turned them into abstract wall hangings! Each framed in an A1 black frame with white card background these make unique,statement and personal works of art!
For postage outside the UK please contact so I can update the listing to include additional postage costs: 
USA £78.45
Australia £89.50

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